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Below is a sampling of ready-to-go workshops. I am also happy to offer customized workshops to companies, parents, PTAs, or other organizations or associations. Additionally, I can help update existing workshops or materials or facilitate existing trainings for employees or volunteers.

Professional and Personal Development Workshops

Communication is Key!

Learn about verbal and non-verbal communication in a way that will immediately improve your ability to convey and receive information.

Conflict Management

Although we cannot always avoid our disputes, everyone can learn how to manage conflict and address situations to move towards resolution.


How to be your best self at work and why we can all benefit from focusing on being professional.

Personal Growth

As humans, we are designed to grow and evolve. Being mindful of our own personal growth trajectory is critical to living our best life.


Going beyond just learning what each of the letters stands for, participants learn how to identify where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.

Introduction to Trauma Informed Care and Approaches

Recognizing that trauma is pervasive in our society, this workshop is an overview of what trauma is, how it impacts our workplace and how to address parallel process.

Sexuality Education Workshops

Introduction: Becoming an Askable Adult

In this one-hour introductory class, parents will consider some of the issues surrounding having conversations about sex and sexuality, gain some preliminary tools, and start thinking about their own strengths and areas for growth as askable adults.

Prepared Parents, Confident Kids

Unsure how to begin talking with your kids about sex and sexuality? You’re not alone! This workshop gives parents tools and perspectives on how to talk with their kids about sex and sexuality in a sex-positive, inclusive, values-based and comprehensive way. Three 90-minute sessions.

No, You Can’t “Unsee” It: Talking about Pornography

Pornography is a pervasive part of our society, but most conversations about it are fraught with emotions or unproductive. In this workshop, we will consider the issues surrounding kids’ access to pornography and different perspectives regarding the impact of pornography viewing on kids. At the end of the workshop, parents will be able to clarify both facts and their own values to shape their message to their kids. One 2-hour session.  

Beyond Yes and No: Communication and Consent

Having open communication promotes healthier behaviors, especially in regards to sex and sexuality. This workshop will give parents an opportunity to learn active listening skills, discuss what makes talking about consent challenging, consider how to discuss #metoo, formulate their own definition of consent, and learn how to communicate and practice consent with their kids. One 2-hour session.

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