“How can you have a good sexual relationship when no one ever tells you how to do that? There’s plenty of talk about what not to do, but that doesn’t automatically provide a road map for creating a happy and successful sexual life.” -Al Vernacchio, For Goodness Sex

I am passionate about facilitating conversations and providing opportunities for education and evolution regarding sex and sexuality.  I offer public workshops, one-on-one coaching, and private small group sessions.

Talking with Kids about Sex and Sexuality: A one-hour introductory class for PTAs

In this one-hour introductory class, parents will consider some of the issues surrounding having conversations about sex and sexuality, gain some preliminary tools, and start thinking about their own strengths and areas for growth as askable adults.

Prepared Parents, Confident Kids

Unsure how to begin talking with your kids about sex and sexuality? You’re not alone! This workshop gives parents tools and perspectives on how to talk with their kids about sex and sexuality in a sex-positive, inclusive, values-based and comprehensive way. Three 90-minute sessions.  

No, You Can’t “Unsee” It: Talking with your kids about Pornography

Pornography is a pervasive part of our society, but most conversations about it are fraught with emotions or unproductive. In this workshop, we will consider the issues surrounding kids’ access to pornography and different perspectives regarding the impact of pornography viewing on kids. At the end of the workshop, parents will be able to clarify both facts and their own values to shape their message to their kids. One 2-hour session.  

Beyond Yes and No: Talking with your kids about Communication and Consent

Having open communication promotes healthier behaviors, especially in regards to sex and sexuality. This workshop will give parents an opportunity to learn active listening skills, discuss what makes talking about consent challenging, consider how to discuss #metoo, formulate their own definition of consent, and learn how to communicate and practice consent with their kids. One 2-hour session.