Elona Landau is an adult educator based in Portland, Oregon. Her mission is to facilitate conversations and provide opportunities for education and evolution that impact individuals’ abilities to thrive personally and professionally.  Through workshops, curriculum development and delivery, private coaching, speaking engagements, and articles, Elona hopes to engage people in pursuit of skill attainment, knowledge and confidence.


I want to thank you for your wonderful classes. You have the talent to connect with your students. Thank you for being a great instructor.

I have so appreciated the brightness and joy that your bring to your classes. Thanks!

You are an inspirational teacher (and I have never laughed as much in a class as I do in yours).

This workshop exceeded all my expectations and changed our lives. We’ve had many more open conversations about sex and sexuality, and I feel a clearer sense about my role in helping guide my kids.

Fantastic workshop!! So valuable and you are a born teacher.

Such a great workshop. You know your stuff inside and out, excuse the pun. It gives me confidence and inspiration to see the clarity with which you talk about these subjects. You also did an amazing job of getting everyone in class involved and creating a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Fabulous workshop, I wouldn’t change a thing! Worth every penny.

The most useful part for me was the self/partner work. It really made me dig deep and think about my values and beliefs.

Amazing class, so well-thought out and masterfully delivered.

Your course is helping me articulate concisely and clearly both facts and values regarding sex and sexuality to my kids. It’s helped me and my husband articulate our guidelines and household expectations to our budding teens, and even to myself. I have already recommended your workshop to several friends.

Your class was super informative and helpful. Thank you!



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